Policy last modified: September 2, 2014

You may cancel your account and recurring billing at any time.

Should you wish to cancel, simply contact SEM Compass before your next renewal.

Contact SEM Compass at

Alternatively you can manually cancel your account by viewing your account details via your account profile page. Manually cancelling your account will take immediate effect.

SEM Compass reserves the right of unilateral service cancellation under the following circumstances:

  1. Client breaks these Terms and Conditions;
  2. Client diverges from the normal usage patterns established by SEM Compass services;
  3. Client attempts to inflict damages on the reputation or normal work of;
  4. As respond to requests for customer service;
  5. SEM Compass receives abuse request concerning user actions from law enforcement agencies.

Cancellation of service by client implies that all the responsibilities about data, received by services, covered by these Terms and Conditions, are in effect.