We challenge you to max out this plan. No one has yet.

The plan

400 reports (approx)

$49 / month

  • Typical user allocation:
    SEMrush reports
    WhiteSpark reports
    Plagspotter reports
    Ahrefs reports

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How many searches can I make?
Users typically spread their expenditure like this: SEMrush reports 50%, whitespark 30%, and plagspotter reports the remaining 20%. If you maxed out your account this would equate to around 200 SEMrush reports, plus 120 WhiteSpark reports, plus 80 plagspotter reports.

Despite typical use (described above), you may spread your report credits as you wish. Example: you may wish to spend your monthly allocation on 200 SEMrush reports and 200 WhiteSpark reports. The choice is yours.

No one has ever spent their monthly allocated report credits.

How many searches can I make with Ahrefs?
A paid ahrefs account is required to unlock this extra module. All reports generated then consume your API credits within Ahrefs. Any usage within SEM Compass is not counted when calculating your monthly account credits.