Ahrefs The largest index of live backlinks

Ahrefs crawl over 123 billion URLs and update their index every 15 minutes, making it the most powerful linkscape today to get up-to-date relevant information on any domain and its backlink profile.

Majority of searches via Ahrefs will yeild more, highly relavant backlinks than Moz's Open site explorer or Majestic SEO.


Link research and backlink profiling

Link building

Anchor text analysis

Link detox's

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The Ahrefs Report features within SEM Compass

Visual backlink history

Dive into the history of a backlink profile. See when links were picked up or lost and generate reports.

Complete domain data

Easily drill down through the largest database of live backlinks / referring domains on the internet. Find the most powerful links from any particular domain to another.

Distilled essential stats

Understand a domain or URL’s authority and anchor text distribution quickly. Make note of social stats, backlink type breakdowns and IP/class-c distribution.

Bulk export

Export up to 20,000 domains or 30,000 backlinks. For the Excel fanatics, exported CSV files come packed with extra metrics.

Other tools in SEM Compass

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